About Malta

The Gem of the Mediterranean

2.97 million tourist arrivals in 2023
Real GDP Growth of 4% compared to EU growth of 1.2%
Total population of 500,000+
Population density of 1,649/km2
One in five residents are foreign - five times more than it was in 2011
Trade flow in 2022: Imports: €9,254.5m, Exports: €4,501.3m
Unemployment of 2.9% compared to EU rate of 6.2%
Area of Malta is 316km2

Why Malta?

Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta's strategic location offers access to lucrative markets in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

As an EU member state, Malta opens doors to the vast opportunities within the EU's internal market, while its reputation as a safe and reliable country attracts global talent and investment.

Malta’s Freeport

At the heart of Malta's commercial expertise lies its renowned freeport, a leading Mediterranean Hub Port facilitating seamless trade and logistics operations. Handling a staggering 2.89 million twenty-foot container equivalent in 2022 alone, Malta's freeport is symbolic of efficiency and connectivity.

Boasting a minimal diversion distance of just six nautical miles between Gibraltar and the Suez Canal, Malta serves as a gateway to global trade routes, ensuring swift and cost-effective import and export processes.