JCL Holdings

With close to 30 years experience in the sector, JCL Holdings is one of the top players within the food manufacturing and food services industry in Malta, also being an international business having experience working with clients in the North African Region.

Group Portfolio

Over the years the Group has managed to build a portfolio of businesses which allows it to operate in different sectors. The main focus to date has been the food industry in its broadest sense and healthcare, these two sectors make up the largest percentage of the investments. As the Group continues to grow it is looking at diversifying further and it is always on the lookout for new investment and business opportunities.


As a Group we recognise that we have a responsibility towards all our stakeholders and the community in which we operate. Since our beginnings the Founder has always made it a point to support various initiatives and charitable causes and today the Group remains firmly committed to this. At the moment our CSR activities are focused on two general areas being the Environment and Education.

Investment Opportunities

As a Group we are continuously looking for ways to grow our business and extend our reach. It is for these reasons that we invite potential partners who may wish to discuss possible collaboration on business projects.


Our business is built on the people who every day use their skill, creativity, innovation and savoir faire to develop amazing creations and solutions for our clients.

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