Waistnot was launched in 2022 to fulfil the needs of the modern-day busy and health-conscious consumer. It offers an ever-growing range of nutritious microwavable ready meals that are all under 500 calories.

Designed by professional nutritionists and offering a variety of flavours from Western, Mediterranean, Oriental, and Eastern cuisines, these meals are pre-portioned and ready to eat in just six minutes: an easy and practical way for consumers to monitor their calorie intake throughout the day.

Waistnot’s nutritious meals are not only delicious but also help consumers achieve their weight management goals while complementing a balanced lifestyle. The wide range of options allows consumers to try new flavours for lunch, dinner or snacking, keeping them engaged and satisfied. These meals are the perfect solution for those who want to eat healthy without sacrificing flavour or convenience.

Waistnot is exported to various European and Middle-Eastern countries.