The Food Factory

Manufacturing is predominantly done through The Food Factory which is our Centralised Processing Unit (CPU) producing our own branded products, private and white labelling products as well as all contract catering meals. The facility spreads over 23,000sqm with a total investment amounting to €35 million for both the build and equipment.
The factory is self-sufficient in having its own butchery, larders, kitchens, bakery, packaging facilities, assembly lines, pastry production, and gelateria together with a dedicated space for Research and Development. Organisational activities include food production, assembly, packing and delivery of meals whilst ensuring both quality of design and conformance to quality requirements.
The Food Factory brings together 7 different food production operations all working simultaneously, independent from one another. These are our:

  • Healthcare catering production unit
  • Independent industrial kitchen for non-healthcare food production and products
  • Pastry and bakery to produce confectionery, bakery and sweet items
  • High volume production area to produce puff pastry and savoury and sweet filled pastry items
  • Halal and non-halal butcher
  • Remote Gluten Free Production Unit
  • Organic production unit
  • Dedicated Starbucks kitchen

Currently, the CPU within the Food Factory mainly operates during the day, 7 times a week. However, it can also operate during the night which means that production capability can be double the current production output. We have permanent standby operations and procedures to cater for requests that arise outside of normal hours such as the emergency/quick meals or a replacement of a large number of meals which are or are not in line with proposed menus.