Ħelu Manna

Ħelu Manna is Malta’s first 100% gluten-free cafeteria franchise, operating from two locations. Its great selection boasts an array of irresistible sweets, diverse bread options, flavourful wraps, vibrant salads, amongst other gluten-free treats similar to, if not better, its gluten-containing counterparts. All produce sold at Ħelu Manna is manufactured by Glut X at their dedicated CPU, ensuring that there is no cross contamination at any point. Ħelu Manna has not only been an overnight success with just the coeliac community but also with those who can eat gluten because of the great food it serves and the relaxing ambience it offers. Ħelu Manna has put gluten-intolerance at the centre of the proposition and not merely a segment catered for through a couple of menu options.