Healthcare Management Services

In 2017, the Kore Group was awarded a concession on a Public Private Partnership arrangement for the provision of high-level long-term care at Saint Vincent de Paul Long Term Facility, the largest nursing home in Malta. The Government of Malta entrusted the Kore Group under a 15-year agreement, with the construction and management of four new blocks. The Group is now responsible for fully operating 504 beds at the facility.

The total capital expenditure for the Project for the construction of the residential blocks, the on-site kitchen, as well as all the catering equipment, was €40 million all the operational preparations, within a 12-month period even though the contract stipulated a 36-month period for this, despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. All the blocks are now fully operational with full capacity. The project involved first-of-its-kind features in Malta like the installation of two hydrotherapy pools.

The operations at SVPR are concerned with running 4 residential blocks. These operations include (i) leadership, management, performance monitoring, and periodic reporting; (ii) staffing and development, including recruitment, induction, human resources, and payroll; and (iii) policy and strategy, including the implementation of policies as set out by SVPR, health and safety regulations in line with relevant legislation, and environmental management. Staff are qualified and trained in line with SVPR standards, operating policies and procedures, applicable laws, and industry good practice.

At SVPR, Kore provides the entire full scope of comprehensive residential care, which includes the following:

  • Management of highly-dependent and dementia patients;
  • 24-hour availability of a reception;
  • Daily cleaning, linen and laundry services;
  • Catering for residents;
  • 24-hour helpdesk;
  • 24-hour security function responsible for security services, staff vetting and training, patrolling, surveillance, emergency response, access control, incident reporting, crime prevention, lost property and traffic and car park management;
  • 24-hour portering services;
  • Transportation and courier services;
  • Estate, utilities, waste management, and building maintenance;
  • Provision of hairdressing and beauty service;
  • Adequate storage facilities;
  • Maintenance and safe-keeping of residents’ medical records;
  • Management of residents’ money;
  • Maintenance of the Residential Blocks and the assets housed therein, including preventative, periodic, and urgent maintenance/repairs;
  • Operations of mortuary;
  • Organisation of active ageing activities;
  • Operation of 2 hydrotherapy pools;
  • Specialised isolation rooms for infective cases.

The team at SVPR consists of 450 individuals split into carers, nurses, cleaners and laundry staff, hairdressers, store personnel, maintenance workers and managers.