Domiciliary Services

Healthmark is Malta’s leading independent providers of domiciliary health and social care services. Over the years, the venture grew considerably resulting in a substantial increase in the number of staff required. Since Healthmark was established, it has helped almost 50,000 clients, adding up to 6.8 million interventions in this area.

In the local community, Healthmark provides home care and support services to senior citizens and to persons who need help at home due to illness or disability. Such support ranges from morning and night-time assistance, personal care, medication support, laundry, cleaning, meal preparation and other household tasks. Healthmark’s care services also include specialist services such as supporting persons living with dementia and palliative care.

The domiciliary care team consists of 600 individuals split into carers, nurses, home helpers, midwives, paramedic aides, administrative staff and office clerks.