Quality Assurance

Delivering quality in every industry we are in.

We are committed to quality in every offering we provide, from our very own brands to every commitment we undertake, whether in the public or private sphere. From food manufacturing to healthcare, education, and logistics, our dedication to meticulous quality assurance stands as a hallmark of our commitment.

Food Safety

Our multidisciplinary QA team diligently assesses potential hazards and consistently devises measures to mitigate risks. From handling raw materials in production to the actual delivery of products and services in healthcare and domiciliary care, our unwavering focus remains on upholding stringent safety protocols, ensuring regular equipment maintenance to prevent breakdowns and ensure consistency, and meticulously creating detailed procedures to safeguard the safety of employees, consumers and patients.

Compliance and Regulatory Adherence

The QA team is responsible for ensuring that our facilities, equipment, products and services adhere to all regulatory standards and guidelines set by local and international regulating bodies. For food manufacturing, the QA team also ensures that our labelling complies with regulations, including accurate nutritional values and relevant information for consumers. Moreover, they actively monitor and adapt to ongoing changes in food safety laws and international standard upgrades in Food Safety Management, ensuring our practices remain updated and aligned with industry regulations. Our growth in foreign markets, many of which in different continents presents ongoing regulatory challenges which are managed and mitigated by our QA function.

Complaint Handling and Traceability

The QA team is also responsible for promptly addressing and resolving all complaints leading to a careful investigation process. Root cause analysis is a fundamental part of their process; they delve deep into issues, investigating and analysing until the core problem is identified. Often with the help of third-party laboratories, thorough investigations are conducted, utilising control samples in cases of any problems. This ensures a comprehensive analysis of the implicated batch, allowing them to pinpoint and rectify any issues promptly. Continual improvement is of utmost importance to us to prevent recurrence of similar issues. Our emergency team is trained to handle any issues promptly and to regularly test the system by also carrying out mock recalls.

Quality in Food Manufacturing

Our food manufacturing adopts a Food Safety Management System based on the principles of HACCP and in conformity with ISO 22000. The factory boasts a halal kitchen with International Halal Certification as well as a remote gluten-free production unit to cater for special diets. Preventing food contamination is a core focus for our QA team as they implement stringent measures throughout the production process to safeguard against any potential contamination risks. This includes strict monitoring of hygiene practices, regular sanitation checks, and airtight protocols from handling raw materials to producing the finished products. By implementing rigorous procedures, our team ensures the highest standards of cleanliness and purity in our food manufacturing processes.

The QA team meticulously verifies every step of the way from the supplier approval process, product scrutiny, hazard analysis, critical control points monitoring, tasting, portion control, temperature measures, laboratory analysis, storage conditions and delivery. Consistency is maintained by ensuring uniformity through strict adherence to standardised recipes and processes. Timeliness in production and delivery is also taken very seriously to meet market demands and uphold product freshness and quality.




Italy Halal Certification
Italy Halal Certification


Malta Halal Certification
Malta Halal Certification