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The Group awarded a €274 million contract

by JCL Holdings

Kore Group, a joint venture with db Group has been awarded a €274 million contract to build and operate residential blocks and a kitchen for St. Vincent de Paul (SVPR), Malta’s largest nursing home. The Government of Malta entrusted the Kore Group under a 15-year agreement, with the construction and management of four blocks. The Group is responsible for fully operating 504 beds at SVPR out of the 1,600 beds (32%) at the facility, where the rest of the beds are state-run.

The operations at SVPR are concerned with running 4 residential blocks. These operations include (i) leadership, management, performance monitoring, and periodic reporting; (ii) staffing and development, including recruitment, induction, human resources, and payroll; and (iii) policy and strategy, including the implementation of policies as set out by SVPR, health and safety regulations in line with relevant legislation, and environmental management. Staff are qualified and trained in line with SVPR standards, operating policies and procedures, applicable laws, and industry good practice.